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Summit Land Resource Advisors assists land owners, managers, renewable energy developers and others with land sourcing, management, development, and optimization of resources to make their projects a success.

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Solution-Oriented Expertise for Your Success


We prioritize your satisfaction and work diligently to ensure that your expectations are not only met but exceeded.


We partner with you to share your goals so you grow to meet them. We are not consultants looking to check boxes, bill hours, and leave you with a piece of a puzzle you have to fit into your project.


Everyone can pull data with tools. Our experience shows us possibilities past the data so you can profit even more.

Industries We Serve


Biomass Fuel Supply Optimization

Discover best practices for sustainable biomass management and fuel inventory optimization.

Solar Project Development

Gain insights into land sourcing, site assessment, and implementation strategies for ground-based solar projects.

Renewable Energy Lease Acquisition

Unlock the value of renewable energy leases through our innovative platform, offering attractive terms for landowners and institutional investors.

Site Evaluation

Conduct thorough assessments of potential project sites, including topographic, environmental, and infrastructural analyses.

Financial Modeling (Timber)

Assist in identifying the resource factors that impact the financial viability of projects including potential liabilities while maximizing profitability.

Land Acquisition and Negotiation

Source and facilitate negotiations on your behalf. We leverage our expertise and network to secure favorable outcomes for landowners or investors.

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Our Expertise

Summit was established in 2005. With 18+ years in the business our team of experts are directly accessible to you during all phases of your project.

We have digitized files of millions of acres of land and can help identify opportunities to acquire, lease and manage land and land resources for investors and/or owner operators.

Summit assists in land sourcing, negotiation, and management for renewable energy developers, timberland investors, landowners and more.

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