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Founded in 2005, Summit has worked with clients for over 18 years. If land or land resources are an important part of your business model we can assist.

We offer insights and strategies from our experience with clients in timber and renewable energy. We can help facilitate the monetization of other land values such as carbon, mitigation and conservation, among others.

Uncover project potential with advice from seasoned professionals.

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Tom Adams

Founder and Managing Principal

Tom’s experience in natural resources, renewables and land and land management strategies has helped clients meet their objectives in related initiatives. Additionally, extensive experience in banking and capital markets, has helped bring funding for attractive projects. Tom founded Summit in 2005 to help clients capitalize on natural asset and renewable energy investment opportunities following a banking career covering the natural resource sector.

Tom’s expertise benefits from international insights, including work in London. He holds a BA in economics from the University of Miami and studied international economics and finance at Johns Hopkins SAIS.

Robert Chambers

Senior Advisor

Robert Chambers is recognized for pioneering timberland investment. Expertise in comprehensive forest management, advanced analytics, and financial modeling. He is a highly respected investor globally.

Frank Carroll

Senior Advisor

Frank Carroll brings 30+ years of timber investment and renewable energy expertise. An entrepreneur in forest science, he’s a trusted leader in timberland evaluation, financial analysis, and carbon forestry.

Duncan Riefler

Advisory Board Member

Duncan Riefler contributes rich insights with his 35 years of financial market experience. His expertise in structuring, distribution, and trading greatly enhances Summit’s strategic initiatives and global perspectives.

Summit Land Resource Advisors’ expertise transforms resource management, covering renewables, timberland, acquisition, and more.

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