Tom Adams

Founder and Managing Principal

Natural Resources Analyst – Renewables Specialist – Project Capitalization Expert

Tom’s core expertise is working with large investors to build and structure customized portfolios of natural assets, monetizing natural asset values, and providing corporate entities involved in the renewable energy sectors with the specialized expertise they need to establish and leverage successful business platforms.

Tom formed Summit in 2005 after a successful career in banking and the capital markets, which included coverage of the forest products industry during the period of forest industry restructuring. He initially established Summit to help institutional and high-net-worth investors identify and capitalize on “below-the-radar” timberland investment opportunities that were developing as a consequence of this consolidation, but he soon expanded the firm’s business portfolio to include advisory services involving a broader array of opportunities in renewables, forestry and other natural assets. In addition to working in the U.S., earlier in his career, Tom was based in London where he worked with UK and other European-based investors.

Tom holds a BA in economics from the University of Miami and studied international economics and finance at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Bologna, Italy and Washington, D.C.