Client: Covanta Energy

What Covanta Needed:

Covanta sought cost and efficiency improvements in delivered feedstock fuel for its eight biomass energy facilities in California and Maine.

Our Role:

Recommend strategic improvements and provide long-term fuel management oversight to lower costs and increase efficiency for each plant.

What We Did:

  • Assessed options for diversifying biomass types and sources to optimize “fuel-mix” and efficiencies
  • Recommended and commenced implementation of supply contracts (meeting up to 40 percent of demand)
  • Assisted procurement staff in managing inventory and mitigating fuel-related shut-downs
    Recommended strategies to improve consistency and reliability of delivered feedstock fuels
  • Managed fuel inventories to eliminate shortage-driven shut-downs
  • Expanded and enhanced relationships with suppliers


Summit provided insights on the complexities of Covanta’s fuel-supply dynamics and the associated vulnerabilities and provided a strategy for addressing them.

  • Unplanned fuel-related shutdowns were dramatically reduced
  • Fuel suppliers’ pricing leverage was curtailed or eliminated
  • Fuel inventory management became more predictable and efficient
  • Generation inefficiencies and margin compression were improved